The frame that will remember for you
so your memories won't disappear

The Idea

a smart picture frame

The UFrame is a picture frame that holds a printed picture, but it can store an unlimited amount of digital pictures. These pictures are hidden in a chip in the frame and can be accesed by any smartphone (with NFC), simply by tapping your phone to the UFrame. It stores a link to a certain day, event or holiday and helps you remember everything that happend. Its like a photo album but a lot more modern, cheaper and saves space.

UFrame, the smart picture frame that doesn't need batteries and doesn't have a tasteless screen...

but Why?

More pictures are taken everyday but less and less people print these or have photo albums. Not so strange since all these pictures cost more money and space to print and store them. More pictures are taken but less is actually remembered. This is where the UFrame comes in. Now you can have one physical reminder which can store as many pictures as you'd like.

21st century features

Because the UFrame stores a link, it's compatible with almost every cloud service that offers sharing by link. Almost all cloud services like; Google Photos, ICloud, Dropbox and OneDrive support this way of sharing.

infinite possibilities

The UFrame enables you to connect your digital photo albums to a physical picture. This way you can store as many photos as your cloud service can hold.

The Design

Modern design

The UFrame has modern features like Low-Iron glass, Neodimium magnettic stand and NFC capabilities. All while offering a decent No-Battery design.

outstanding quality

The rustic design ensures it looks great in every household but does not distract from whats important. We use hardwood, cut with precise tools to guarantee the quality we stand for.*

*Currently all UFrames are assembled by hand, this means that deviations could occur

Designed by our finest hipsters

Tested by our most critical engineers

Used by our blondest blondes

Fully compatible with your favorite photo storage service

The UFrame can hold an infinite amount of memories in the form of a link to your digital library. Who wants to hang one picture if you can share a whole album.

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